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Welcome to Visionweek NZ 2020!

Visionweek asked the question: "What next for New Zealand?"


Some of our most innovative minds in areas such as transport, housing, infrastructure, health, science, business, technology, tourism & education came together to discuss our future.

You can now Watch all of the daily online TV programmes on-demand and continue to submit your thoughts and take part in the national conversation in the Forum.


You can also see all of the side events and webinars that took place in our Content Library, as well as browse a range of materials submitted to us.

You can also read the final report here.



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Infrastructure NZ Visioning the New New

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  • Provide alternatives to the currently broken systems

  • Package up keyboard ready projects to power up the new economy 

  • Create 1 million jobs in the weightless economy  

What are the enabling ideas?:

  • Cross-Sector Collaboration - bridging the digital divide 

  • Global Voice - NZ leading a new way forward

  • Build back better - With intent

  • Data Ownership - Sovereignty of our digital self


  1. Alice Sanders - CentraPay 

  2. Vaughan Fergusson - founder of Vend 

  3. Aaron McDonald - Centrality 

  4. Brittany Teei - Kids Coin  

  5. Brooke Howard Smith 

  6. Eteroa Lafaele - Voluntarily 

  7. Amber Taylor - Ara Journeys

  8. Andy Higgs - Centrality

ĀKINA: Building New Zealand’s Impact Economy


Dive into the significant post-Covid opportunity that lies in building New Zealand’s Impact Economy. More businesses can be supported to generate positive social and environmental outcomes if we can equip them with what they need to start well, run well, buy well and invest well.

ĀKINA & HE WAKA EKE NOA LIVE Q&A: Procurement that meets community needs


If you want to understand what social procurement is, and how you can create positive outcomes from your procurement practice, join procurement experts Seán Barnes from Ākina and Frae Cairns from He Waka Eke Noa at this Q&A session.

INFRACOM: How is New Zealand creating an infrastructure vision for the next 30 years?


An Infracom (New Zealand Infrastructure Commission/Te Waihanga) presentation on New Zealand’s 30-year infrastructure strategy development timeline.

As part of Infrastructure NZ’s Visionweek (8-12 June), Infracom is hosting its own webinars focussed on the future on infrastructure in NZ.


Infracom is co-creating a 30-year infrastructure strategy that will assess the fitness for purpose of New Zealand’s infrastructure system as a whole, determining how well it’s working, identifying priorities, barriers to good outcomes, and its ability to meet future community expectations.

The creation of a 30-year strategy for New Zealand requires in-depth engagement with a wide range of individuals and organisations. Infracom will share its engagement plan to develop the 30-year strategy and offer engagement opportunities to contribute to the strategy.

INFRACOM: How do you strategise for future phenomena?


An Infracom (New Zealand Infrastructure Commission / Te Waihanga) presentation on leading practice in future strategic planning, and how Infracom is implementing it in the development of New Zealand’s 30-year infrastructure strategy.

As part of Infrastructure NZ’s Visionweek (8-12 June), Infracom is hosting its own webinars focussed on the future on infrastructure in NZ.

Infracom is looking at future trends that could have a direct or non-direct impact on future infrastructure. A range of future scenarios have been developed by Infracom's Strategy Team.

This session will look at the leading practice solutions in use for future strategic planning and how Infracom is incorporating these practices into the 30-year strategy development process. As part of the presentation, Infracom will share some of the futures data already collected on Infracom’s Futures Platform to support its strategic planning.

NZ Green Building Council:

The future of urban development and transport


As the Minister for Economic Development, the Minister for Transport, and the Minister for Urban Development, the Te Atatu MP is extremely well-placed to have delivered this presentation on the key issues that need tackling right now in New Zealand, and how the Government intends to do so.

Phil Twyford says he is committed to fixing the housing problems that affect our biggest city and the rest of the country, and to working alongside communities to create a safer, low carbon transport network.




This is a special theme AFQY event for Vision Week which is a special online summit enabling New Zealand to make submissions to be heard for the Govt Budget and plan - this is the Tech Industry's Day and A Few Quiet yarns especially wants to give a voice to the community.

With a range of Lightning Talks as inspiration, all attendees are invited to get involved in the discussion to ensure Tech is at the forefront of the budget becuase it can bring such high returns to the economy so quickly.


What is Regeneration? The Seven First Principles of Regeneration 


Three regenerative practitioners (Sadra Saffari, Akasadaka Robison and Amanda Bryan) presenting seven first principles of regeneration, as a contribution to the Visioning NZ week.

The sustainability movement is over 15 years old and has not delivered what we were all hoping for. Many of the issues have gotten worse. People are wanting to know what's next. What more can we do? As a community of regenerative practitioners, we have been noticing that the word regeneration is now gaining popularity. However, in most cases, without a full understanding of what regeneration means.

This webinar will provide an overview of regenerative development in Aotearoa and an understanding of The Seven First Principles of Regeneration.


Designing for Prosperity in a digital and carbon positive age


As part of Visionweek, please join Beca’s Executive Chair, David Carter, and a panel of our leaders and technical specialists to discuss ideas for building a thriving New Zealand post Covid-19.

This virtual event will cover some of the key ideas from our new discussion paper “Decarbonising a prosperous New Zealand”, our thinking on urban transformation, energy transitions, and the future for digital technologies.

Presenter: David Carter, Executive Chair - Beca Group.

Panellists: Amelia Linzey, Chief Planner, Thomas Hyde, Chief Digital Officer, Shane Gowan, General Manager - Industrial, John Blyth, Senior Associate - Project Management.

MC: Kate Meyer, Business Director - Sustainability.


Re-Visioning Education 


Join the chat with Karen Tui Boyes & different guests.

We'll be discussing what we have learned about teaching & learning during lockdown and how these learnings might apply to education in the future.

Tues 9th includes:

Emma Chatterton - Teacher
Sara Moppett - Deputy Principal
Saira Shaikh-Boyle - Principal

Mindful Money:

Principles for a Responsible Recovery


You can make a difference by investing ethically with Simon O'Connor, CEO of Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA).

RIAA is the association for organisations engaged in responsible/ethical investing. Discussion with Simon will bring an international perspective on trends in responsible investing and certification systems, and ways for investors to drive the movement towards sustainable finance.

Creatives & the Arts:

How can they shape our Future?


There is a lot of talk about Business and Industry shaping our coming future.

What about the role that Creatives and the Arts will play? In this panel discussion we will consider this and other questions in a relaxed format using Zoom.

We have assembled an experienced lineup of panelists including:

Anne Rodda, among other cultural and arts initiatives, Michael Hill Violin Competition organiser, formerly professional Cellist and now advisor to NFP sector.


Charting the Future: A Framework for thinking about Change 


Simply by sailing in a new direction, you could enlarge the world
Allen Curnow

In this free zoom session the authors of the just released paper "Charting the Future: A framework for thinking about change" (Craig Fisher, consultant at RSM NZ and Steven Moe, Partner at Parry Field Lawyers) will share what it covers. Taking inspiration from the Allen Curnow quote above about exploration and charting new territory, the purpose of the "Thought and Action Paper" is to apply critical thinking about what the questions are that we need to be asking at this time.


In the paper we outline 7 critical questions that we think Boards and leaders need to be considering when they are 'charting the future' and looking to the new environment we find ourselves in. While the paper has a focus on Charities, Community Groups and Not for Profits, the challenges will be equally applicable to other organisations.



11 free webinars to help support Aotearoa’s screen sector


ON SCREEN SESSIONS is a series of 11 free webinars to help support Aotearoa’s screen sector:

This week, on Thursday June 11 @ 2pm, the On Screen Session is: Exporting Our Creative Digital IP

In a world that is currently shifting, and with New Zealand needing to look at how to reinvigorate its economy, what is the possible reimagining for screen as a part of the export portfolio that New Zealand offers to the world. Recently the role of digital IP has seen a resurgence in importance and attention. How can screen industry businesses across the sector embrace this change? What should the sector do to create opportunities in the COVID environment and rebuild?

Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 10.30.29 AM.png

Key Partners


Visionweek is made possible by the support, input and work of our key partners

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NZIC Logo.png
Internet NZ.png

A shared commitment between government and industry to transform the construction sector.

Infracom seeks to lift infrastructure planning and delivery to a more strategic level and by doing so, improve New Zealanders’ long-term economic performance and social wellbeing.

InternetNZ is a not-for-profit open membership organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the Internet for New Zealand.

Aotearoa – he whenua mana kura mō te tangata – to make New Zealand the most liveable place in the world.

Infrastructure New Zealand promotes best practice in national infrastructure development through research, advocacy and public and private sector collaboration. 

SBC believes the private sector has a leading role to play in addressing climate change, as well as New Zealand's top environmental and social issues.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is the government agency that works to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand homes and businesses, and encourage the uptake of renewable energy. 


ASN Media is a full service content creation company and content producer for Visionweek.

Regional Partners

BusinessCentral CMYK H.png

Business Central brings you the very best of highly personal local support, training and events for enterprise and networking, combined with easy access to regional and national initiatives

CECC Logo - no tag.jpg

We are a non-for-profit membership organisation meaning everything we do is for our members. We have approximately 2,900 members and are the largest business support agency in the South Island. 


The EMA provides its members with employment relations advice from industry specialists, a business school with over 100 courses and a wide variety of conferences and events to help businesses grow.


OSEA provides tailored and specialist support to Otago and Southland businesses across business critical areas such as employment law, human resources, health and safety, business training and professional development.

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